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Human Factors 101

A lesson in patient safety

Learn about introductory and advanced Human Factors principles and processes as they relate to healthcare systems, medical device design and regulatory standards.

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EHR Usability Testing

EMR Usability Testing

Our EHR usability testing methodology is consistent with the ONC’s safety-enhanced design criteria for certified EHR technology.

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Human Factors Support for FDA 510K Submissions


Our formative usability test and validation methods are aligned with the FDA’s Guidance on Human Factors Engineering, as well as other established international standards.

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Medly: Managing Chronic Conditions


The Medly suite of apps is the future of complex chronic disease management, empowering patients to take control of their conditions.

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“Target Zero” for Patient Safety

When the Canadian Patient Safety Institute issued a list of 15 ‘Never Events’ this fall, it signalled a revival of nation-wide attention to address ongoing gaps in patient safety that have plagued the healthcare system since the highly publicized reports of high incidence of preventable adverse events more than a decade ago. CPSI’s list of [...]

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Measuring more, but to what end?

By: Plinio Morita As much as 15% of you use some sort of wearable technology and half of North Americans would consider it. That’s impressive, considering that it seems only recent that wearable tech has been around. What’s more, smartphones have become ubiquitous, equipped with an incredible array of sensors that can collect data ranging [...]

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Putting Patients First

By: Renée Desjardins As a human factors professional, I believe that patients are the foundation of our healthcare system. That’s reflected in our people-centred approach to work in designing health systems of the future. That’s why I am particularly excited to be part of the process to select a new Patient Ombudsperson in Ontario, a [...]

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Just because we can track it, should we?

These days, we can track everything from blood pressure to sleep patterns, literally in our sleep. More and more Bluetooth-enabled devices are entering the market, capable of transmitting real-time health data to our smart phones or even directly to our doctors. Yet, while many experts believe health-tracking technology can empower people to make healthier choices, [...]

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