About the Project

Studies in adverse events have shown that human factors principles are essential in making health care safer. Despite this, human factors concepts are only starting to gain traction in the health care industry.  The Human Factors 101 course was developed by Healthcare Human Factors at University Health Network to raise awareness of human factors concepts and to educate others on how these principles can reduce adverse events in healthcare institutions.

The course will cover the following topics:

1. Key human factors concepts and principles
2. Human limitations and cognitive biases
3. User-centered design and evaluation methods
4. Practical application of human factors to healthcare

Through interactive discussions, human factors concepts will be used to analyze two case studies involving adverse events. By understanding the contributing factors, the group will discuss how these incidents could have been prevented. Participants will learn how to integrate the appropriate human factors methods into project planning, procurement decisions and technology implementations in order to decrease the incidence of adverse events, reduce re-development and training costs, and improve end user adoption.

Target Audience: Clinical leaders, project sponsors, managers, business analysts, project coordinators.

For more information:

  • Email: info[at]humanfactors.ca
  • Tel: 416-340-5514.