Our design process is iterative and user-centred.

A user-centred design approach with iterative cycles of prototyping and testing allows for the refinement and optimization of designs.


User Interface Design

Based on our understanding of the user, an information architecture and wireframes are developed to map out the structure and page content of the interface.


  • Information Architecture Design

    Categorizing information into a coherent structure that users can understand quickly.
  • Wireframe Design

    Creating rough illustrations or outlines of page content, structure and navigation.


Low and high fidelity prototypes are created and evaluated through usability testing to inform the development of healthcare technologies.


  • Low-fidelity prototypes

    Generating preliminary designs to clarify requirements and gather feedback early in design cycle.
  • High-fidelity prototypes

    Developing a prototype that resembles the final product to further simulate real-world usage.