Peter Weinstein

Peter is currently leading Healthcare Human Factors in the USA. He has a BEng in Aerospace Engineering specializing in space systems design and operated an IT consultancy before earning an MHSc in Clinical Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is keenly interested in user experience, patient safety and resilient systems in healthcare.

His recent work includes: Fabrica Health, a multi-million dollar start-up effort created to harness the incredible amount of data being in cancer by gluing existing and future systems and by providing compelling tools to enable the capture of outcomes by clinicians, researchers, and patients; the design of ‘Loop’ a mobile clinical collaboration system that allows patients, caregivers, and health care providers to communicate and build a shared team awareness across disciplinary and institutional boundaries; as well as the design and evaluation of medical devices that not only satisfy regulatory requirements (e.g. FDA 510(k)), but that bring healthcare, technology, and people together in ways that are safe, effective, and even fun!

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