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Designing Sounds Towards Better User Experiences

The world is getting noisier, and our productivity and well-being are suffering as a result. As problem solvers, we are often creating effective visualizations, but our everyday experiences also need to be designed for the ears. In critical contexts such as healthcare, sound can be a positive element to healthcare professionals and patients alike. In this talk, we will explore some of the data, methods, and principles that make sound design an important strategic field in designing user experiences.

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Lucas Lacerda

UX Sound Designer + UI Sound Design + Front-end Development + Design Education

Lucas is a Sound Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Music. His mission has been to restore the beautiful, informative qualities of sound by making the planet a noiseless place. With a focus on product sound design, acoustics, and spatial audio, he has been educating people about sound and creating original, human-centered soundscapes for products and services.