The Elevator Pitch

April 20, 2017 • ANJUM CHAGPAR

At a team meeting recently, we asked each other to answer a question we often get asked when meeting new people:

What do you do?


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While it may seem benign, this simple question, for many of us was just a little bit panic inducing. Because, how do you describe the diversity and complexity of working to improve healthcare using human factors-informed design to people who may know very little about any of these things, in under 60 seconds, while keeping it engaging and simple?

Here’s how:

You know what makes you like your iPhone but hate your microwave? We do that for medical devices and healthcare stuff. And it matters a lot more when a patient life is attached to it.

Peter Weinstein

We focus on design in healthcare, which means that we look at medical environments, applications, devices, and ask: How can this be designed so that the objective of the system is accomplished in the most safe and easy to use way?

Khadijah Siddiqui

We’re aiming to create a world where healthcare is seamlessly integrated into people’s daily lives – a world where people are empowered to take better care of themselves and each other’s health.

Owen Thijssen

We re-envision health by designing a seamless healthcare experience for people, with people.

Laura Parente

We make sure people in hospitals don’t die from errors.

Svetlena Taneva

Pumps, pumps, pumps, pumps…but also bringing knowledge of the human experience to the design of healthcare products and services.

Ashleigh Shier

Our team applies human factors techniques that leverage human strengths and limitations to design, evaluate, and improve healthcare systems. We work to reduce preventable errors through systematic changes.

Kathy Huynh


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