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About Us

Since 2004, we’ve been working to transform healthcare products, services, and systems by combining design and engineering with an in-depth understanding of humans and healthcare.

How we’re different

We know the healthcare system inside-out

Our location within an academic health sciences centre gives us unique insights into the system we are working to change and the people who inspire our work.

We have the space to test and grow big ideas

Our state-of-the-art labs allow us to rigorously evaluate the safety and usability of products with representative end users.

Our diverse backgrounds inform unique solutions

Our team works at the intersection of disciplines, collaborating to approach problems from all angles and provide solutions informed by diverse experience.

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Together we design a more human healthcare system.

Meet our team

Our Commitment to Quality

Our internal Quality System is designed to support regulated industries such as medical device development; conforming to FDA’s Quality System Regulation (QSR) and ISO 13485. We are periodically audited by Fortune 50 medical device manufacturers to ensure adequate compliance to the client’s QMS and are on the Approved Supplier List for many of the top 20 corporations.

Our Partners